The International Foundation for Dermatology (IFD) was created in 1987 as an arm of the International Committee of the International League of Dermatological Societies (ILDS).

The IFD is a non-profit organisation whose principal mission is to improve dermatologic care in underserved areas of the world. The IFD is an integral arm of the INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE OF DERMATOLOGICAL SOCIETIES (ILDS) representing more than 100,000 dermatology specialists and nurses from over 60 nations.


"The Chair of the IFD aims to oversee the daily activities of the International Foundation for Dermatology and to lead the strategic planning cycle each year. The Chair is responsible to the Chairman of the Foundation  through the President of the Board of the International League of Dermatological Societies.”

Dr. Claire Fuller MA FRCP
Chair, IFD


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