A comprehensive programme developing dermatological services in Cambodia is run by German dermatologist Christoph Bendick in cooperation with his Cambodian counterpart Sithach Mey. Christoph Bendick has spent the past 22 years in the country, engaging in the support of dermatology in different capacities. Sithach Mey is the first fully trained Cambodian dermatologist; having board certified in 2001 in Germany.  He is serving as the Head of the Department of Dermatology in Preah Kossamak Hospital as well as a lecturer at the University of Health Sciences, both in Phnom Penh.

After 10 years of running a Diploma Course in Dermatology, providing 50 graduates with solid dermatological knowledge, in 2013 a full specialization in dermatology was implemented. Five candidates per year begin the training course, which lasts four years including one year of residence in a university dermatology clinic abroad. Preah Kossamak Hospital serves as a national reference institution for skin diseases as well as the primary training centre in dermatology. A dedicated local staff, as well as a brisk flow of foreign lecturers and supporters generates competent diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases, and high level dermatological training.

Moreover, there are continuous efforts in the development of dermatological services nationwide, as well as activities in quality management and the implementation of dermatological services in the nascent health insurance.

Since 2011, the IFD has provided annual financial contributions to support the programme operations. A major contribution was given in 2013 to enable the extension of the Department of Dermatology in Preah Kossamak Hospital in Phnom Penh. In 2012, the IFD assisted with the completion of a needs assessment for skin problems in rural care in Cambodia:  Mey S, Fuller LC, Bendick C: The impact of skin disease on patients in Cambodia – a survey and simple needs assessment; Comm Dermatol J 2015; 11:23-27. 

For a more extensive description of activities in Cambodia, see:

·         Bendick C: Development of Dermatological Services in Cambodia CME (2013) Jul (31)7: 243-246 (english) and

·         Bendick C: Dermatologie in Kambodscha – Nachhaltiger Aufbau einer Fachdisziplin Der Hautarzt (2015), Vol 66,5: 320-325 (German)

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