Community Dermatology N°14
Community Dermatology N°14 / July, 2012
  •      Lead Articles

    1 -
    Community Dermatology Journal – where are we now?
         Paul Buxton

    2 - Review of Skincare Nursing for South Asian Nurses -
         A framework curriculum
          R Penzer

    3 - Skin Sutures
          Richard Goodwin

    5 - Journal Extracts - Update on Onchocerciasis
          Michele Murdoch

    6 - Pattern of Skin Diseases in HIV Infected Orphans of
         Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
          Shimelis Nigusse Doni, Steve Walker

    8 - Distribution, Pattern and Management of Skin Diseases among
         Children in an HIV Orphanage
          Mawenzi Ramadham

    10 - Collodion Baby
           Guiseppe Gaido
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