Community Dermatology N°19
Community Dermatology N°19 / March, 2015
  • Albinism – A Cause for Concern 
     Claire Fuller and Roderick Hay
  • Spectrum of Skin disorders in a tertiary care hospital
    M. R. Mowla, S. Ara, N.U. Mahmud, M.H.Rahman, R.Hoque 
    and M.Alam,
  • Challenges of using point-of-use (POU) water purification
         treatment systems for wound cleansing
    Cheuk Yin Chow, Rachael Morris-Jones
  • Scarification: A commentary
    Saravu R. Narahari, Madhur G. Aggithaya,
    Gaddam Kumara 
    Swamy, Terence J. Ryan
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