Mexico (Dermatologia Communitaria)

In Mexico under the guidance of Dr Roberto Estrada and colleagues a novel approach has been developed for the education of primary care teams in the management of common skin conditions  which is run throughout the state of Guerrero in Southern Mexico on an annual rotational basis with the support of the regional health department. 6-8 times each year a dermatology team provides basic training in dermatology re-enforced by clinical teaching through a jornada or teaching clinic.

Research carried out by this group has provided a unique insight into the risk and prevalence of skin diseases in poorer countries.

In Mexico rural health care is often delivered by newly qualified doctors, pasantes, and these become the focus for training. The work has also highlighted the need to find better ways of providing assistance to those with complex dermatological disease such as mycetoma, actinic prurigo and inherited childhood diseases

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